The Symbolism of Citadel

by P.K.

There are symbolisms within the natural creations which can not be noticed by the uninitiated. There are human creations that mimic natural creation and replicate the very symbolism that they contain. There are also other human creations that combine the human conceptions along with natural symbolism. The Citadel (the acropolis as is known in Greek) as a building within the physical world can be considered such a case. Citadel is the edge of the city, its peak, both physically and metaphysically. It finds itself within the sacred areas as they have been expressed in the various Traditional cultures, religions and philosophical systems.


On natural level, the citadel stands on the highest level of the city, giving in that way the advantage of observation and defense. At the same time, citadels used to host, both during the ancient times as well as during the medieval times, not only the military and guard positions, but also sacred areas (temples) and regal rooms too. That leads us to the metaphysical symbolism of the peak of the city and its connection with the Divine Sacredness and Regal Authority. A symbol of identity, duty and leadership. If we consider the city as a triangular shape, or as a human body, then the citadel is its peak and head. It is the center that defines the essence and meaning to whatever stands bellow it. This interpretation can be related to the peak of a mountain, as presented in the various Traditional civilizations and cultures as well as under a metaphysical point of view, where the peak becomes the connector between earthly matters and the Diving Element, the Hyperuranium, transforming speech to action and theory to matter in a way of spiritualizing the matter. In that way, the peak stops being only a geological phenomenon and citadel only an architectural and fortified creation. They both transcendent their natural boundaries.

The citadel can also be identified, at a large degree, with the general symbolism of the castle as an area of protection, sacredness, defense, idealism, esoteric knowledge and health. If though we think of it as a pyramid, or as a human body as mentioned earlier, then the citadel is located at the higher levels and everything bellow it resembles a different symbolism. As a center, as a point of reference and identity, the citadel can be considered the lighthouse of the city and its folk. It is the one that lights without stop and defines the direction by setting the orientation. It is the one that will be defeated last (as a healthy mind when the body it belongs will encounter sick circumstances or imprisonment). In the case that it falls first (meaning that the mind is week and unhealthy), then the loss of the rest of the city is definite. At the same time, we must consider implied the support of the citadel’s base (body parts = levels of the city). The levels that find themselves bellow it, they are obliged to have consciousness and knowledge of the importance of the citadel in order to the defend and fight for it, for all the reasons mentioned above.

Considering the triple status of Helios (idealconceivablenatural per Iamblichus or hypercosmiccosmicsecular per Julian the Emperor), the citadel can be seen as the representation of the Solar Authority and Harmony, the parental source of the Principles and Ideals of the Kind world. On the ideal level, it is represented by the ideal city. On the conceivable level it constitutes the connection with the Hyperuranium, while on the natural level it is the spiritual and authoritarian center that sets the “seasons” of the city and its folk. The natural level communicates with the ideal through the conceivable, where it acts as a mediator.



Foreword to Vol. 2P arlecc

The apparent decomposition of the liberal-capitalist society is structured through aftershocks commonly called crises. Thinking that a systemic crisis is a crisis of the system, meaning its imminent end, is an illusion. A systemic crisis is a process of restructuring of powers within the system itself. The system is the crisis, is based on fractures, financial ups and downs, environmental devastations, leveling of life, by which it transforms itself without losing its ability to dominate.

But what can be seen in everyday life – albeit an important starting point – is just the tip of the iceberg, is the most evident area of ​​ phenomena that have not only economic or social character, but that involve historic destiny and man’s being.

To comprehend the current reality in depth is therefore essential to change perspective, to provoke a reversal of values ​​- but it would be even better to say a reversal of “principles” beyond any moral precept – in order to totally change worldview. This battle of ideas and facts is aimed primarily at what sinks in human beginnings, in its origin and in its instincts. It’s a struggle to obtain the elements for a regeneration of culture in the anthropological sense, that is the total human dimension in the world.

In this sense the cultural work involves being in its totality, summoning the physical, mental and spiritual energies to goagulate them around an original axis that, sinking in the authentic beginning, arises until the breaking point of the apparent homogeneity of the ruling “politically correct” system. Renew the archeofuturist challenge elaborating its terms, prolonging its message.

The sociological observation, political science analysis, philosophical perspectives, alongside the study of archaeology and martial tradition, provide the elements of a dissident, alien and affirmative thought, as the arsh sounds of musical extremism, may spread into the depths, elaborating the message of which is only partially anticipated at the surface of the crisis, thus becoming an underground vehicle for original forces.

Place and trigger underground philosophical “bombs” that could undermine the basis on which rests the optimistic facade of contemporary thought: be it the official one or that of the alleged oppositions, which shun radicalism for fear of losing support and thus market. Our WAY is beyond all that.